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  • To increase diversity in the creative industries
  • Identify & nurture creatively gifted young people who are not thriving in the education system
  • To give them skills to gain employment

What We Do...?

I Am Creative is a pioneering creative education project which aims to teach 13-19 year olds about the creative industries and then gives them an opportunity to have a go at answering a live creative brief from a global company, such as Barclays, E-ON and more. Briefs are available to download and work on but we also deliver enhanced projects in schools, bringing in creative professionals to help students come up with an amazing idea. Top ideas are invited to pitch to the company in London. Winners are invited to join 'The Ladder'. Check out the website below. 

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Funded with the support of the Comino Foundation, our Incubate programme area has a stronger skills development remit.   Working with a limited number of partnership schools in the North West we bringing specialist industries employers into the classroom to work intensively with young people on projects from across the Digital and Media communications sector.  Building projects which respond to local employers needs we introduce our young scholars to the reality of working in specialist areas such as broadcast media, games and interactive media, animation, advertising and fashion and we have a particular interest in raising the digital literacy skills which underpin many of the emerging roles in these sectors.

Our key mission is to identify and nurture creatively gifted 13-19 year olds. Incubate and I Am Creative allow us to identify these creatively gifted young people, and The Ladder is our way of nurturing them. Launched in October 2012 and already with 200+ members, we offer Ladder Members amazing opportunities to learn and enhance skills required to understand and work in the creative sector. We run targeted Progression Days in the UK's top creative agencies, such as Ogilvy & Mather and Engine, and identify and send any information, opportunities and inspiration to them throughout the rest of the year. Check out our members here. 

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The Ideas Foundation is committed to increasing diversity in the creative industries and believes fundamentally that diversity increases the quality of creative ideas in the creative industries. We do this through a combination of working with 45% BAME and 60% female on our projects. We also work at the centre of the industries to campaign and increase awareness of the issue of the lack of diversity in the industries, and work to help the industry understand the benefits of diversity for their business. Check out our series of films about Diversity in Advertising below. 

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We work bridging the gap between the creative industries and secondary education. We have worked with over 100 schools (and growing) in the UK to run engaging projects which aim to teach students real skills that can be transferred into the creative industries.

We also identify any students from these schools that we believe have potential and invite them to join The Ladder. If you are a school and are interested in us running a project in you school, email ideas@ideasfoundation.org.uk.

We take live creative briefs from companies such as E-ON, BT, Canon and more, and deliver them into schools in deprived areas in the UK. These projects allow companies to tap into young people’s creativity, while at the same time giving young people new skills and career choices. Not only this, but they are helping to increase diversity in the creative industries.

If you are interested in us delivering a brief for your company, email ideas@ideasfoundation.org.uk.

We have a membership of around 20 of the top creative agencies in the UK, who pay a membership fee in return for 2-4 events per year, quarterly emails, a plaque, and the CSR benefit of helping to teach young people in deprived areas about the creative industries as a career choice, and supporting our work to increase diversity in the creative industries.

If you are an agency and are interested in joining, please email hannah@ideasfoundation.org.uk.

"The programme offers a fantastic insight into real life working environment. Because it is a competition the students were keen to make their work of a good standard. The prestigious company attachments were attractive. The speakers sent in to present to the students were very inspirational."
- Rebecca Brewer, Teacher at The Southwolds Academy
"We have really enjoyed working with the Ideas Foundation. Clare and Jemima have been absolutely fantastic in listening to what is important to us, we had a brilliant working relationship which resulted in a truly wonderful project."
- Suzanne Doxey, Community Relations Manager, E-ON
"It has allowed me to see my job in a new light and engage with young people who were able to give a new perspective on our ads and come up with some inspiring ideas. It has also been great to encourage more creativity among current students."
- Francesca Warner, Graduate, AMVBBDO

Who We Are...

The Ideas Foundation is a registered charity. We are governed by a Board of Trustees, made up of a group of eminent professionals that sit across the Creative Communications Industries and Education. This group meet once a month to discuss the direction, strategy and key decisions of the Ideas Foundation. There are two members of the Scholars’ Council on the Board of Trustees.

The Ideas Foundation has a small staff team who are embedded in agency offices across London and Manchester. By working within the industry, the staff team understand and are integrated in agency life and culture, meaning that they are best placed to speak to and teach young people aged 13-19, about the Creative Industries. All of our staff team have previously worked with young people.

The Scholar’s Council is the Youth Advisory Board of the Ideas Foundation and are made up of 15 young people aged 14 plus. They represent the young aspirational minds trying to enter the industry and as such, they support and guide the Ideas Foundation’s work, acting as advisors, project coordinators, ambassadors and mentors.

Scholars council

  • Morgan Elliott, 18

    Immediately, I was blown away by the integrity and dedication the Ideas Foundation. I knew this was something I wanted to become part of, and that the Scholar's Council was the best way into it. The Ideas Foundation has given me some strong and clear insights into the Advertising industry, and I hope my participation with the Scholar's Council will enable me to take my Advertising aspirations further.

  • Phoebe Desalegene, 17

    I have been a committed Scholar's Council member for the past three years. I am determined to pursue a creative career and feel that the Ideas Foundation has helped me grow and learn a tremendous amount about the creative industries.

  • Talia Jordan-Lewis, 16

    I have been part of the Ideas Foundation for 3 years, during which I have had many opportunities like work experience with Saatchi and Saatchi and Airside. In the future I would love to become the biggest designer ever and start my own company. 

  • Naomi Desalegene, 19

    Being apart of such a creative community, I am continually inspired and become more knowledgeable about the opportunities and job roles that interest me within the creative industry.

  • Alan Chu, 19

    Since 2008, the Ideas Foundaiton has been a massive part of my life and has supported me through my time in education. Offering me a gateway into the creative world through internships in huge advertising agencies, it has given me the chance to gain skills that I may not have obtained through education alone.

  • Fumni Oriola, 22

    The Ideas Foundation has given me the opportunity to speak at key educational conferences, host celebration nights, and help Project Manage the Creative Media Camp. Through all these great projects , opportunities and more,  I was able to find my ‘calling’ (product design).

  • Demi Oriola, 19

    My first experience of the Ideas Foundatin was the Creative Media Camp. I enjoyed this immensely, so asked how I could help out and was introduced to the scholar council where I met the most interesting set of people.

  • Marie Kivakude, 16

    Two years ago, I applied to attend Creative Media Camp. From the day the project started, everything changed. CMC opened my eyes to many opportunities and future career choices and from there my involvement grew.


  • Heather MacRae: Managing Director

    As Managing Director, Heather is responsible for strategy and fundraising for the Ideas Foundation. She is also programme manager for The Space to Earth Challenge.

  • Helen Poole: Programme Manager

    I am the Creative Programme Leader, managing our I Am Creative and Creative Media Camp flagship projects. I also manage The Ladder progression scheme and am committed to helping students flourish.

  • Zosia Mrozek-Folkierska: Creative Programme Leader

    I take care of I Am Creative programme and Creative Media Camps during the holidays. I'm also here to support The Ladder and make sure that our students are getting the most out of the projects that we run.

  • Pat Walters: NW Strategy & Comino Partnership Manager

    I work strategically across the north west in 3 high schools with their feeder primary schools. Each school is located in a disadvantaged area in different local authorities of Greater Manchester with inspirational head teachers prepared to work creatively across the curriculum. It is a sustainable model built with a legacy of change. 

  • Sarah Brown: Administrator

    I help support our very busy team and the Board of Trustees with the admin to run our projects.

  • Angela Conway: Project Coordinator/ Finance

    I look after the finance, work placements and mentoring. I tend to get involved in the general day to day running of charity and do a little photography.

  • Deborah Davidson: Project Manager

    As Incubate Programme Manager I run intensive projects, which help schools develop pupils with the skillset, experience and ambition to aim high in their future creative industries careers. With a background in design and training I am also responsible for developing curriculum and education interface more widely for the organisation as a whole.


  • Scott Knox

    Recently ranked #23 in The Telegraph’s Out @ Work, Top UK, LGBT, Business executives, Scott is the Managing Director of the MAA and founding president of Pride in Advertising & Marketing, the worlds first ever LGBT group for our industry. He is a Committee Member of the House of Commons Debating Group, married and has two adopted children.

  • Naomi Desalegene

    In 2010 I took part in two IF creative programmes which led me to become a member of the Scholars Council. Learning and growing with Ideas Foundation I have gained Industry experience alongside completing my degree in Graphic and Media Design. I am now working as a Planner at Dare. 

  • Shannon Vaughan

    Shannon runs a creative placement programme called Rough Diamond in her role at Ogilvy Labs, a specialist division within Ogilvy & Mather Group UK which routes diverse future talent into the agency. She is also a Director and Trustee of the Ideas College and an Ambassador of Only Connect's Strong Voices. 

  • Richard Robinson

    Richard is Managing Partner at Econsultancy. Away from work Richard is the resident Brand Expert for Channel 5 News, a Director and Trustee of The Ideas Foundation and a regular commentator in the media.

  • Heather MacRae: Co-opted board member

    Heather is Director of Venture Thinking.

  • Rory Sutherland

    Rory Sutherland is Vice Chairman of Ogilvy & Mather Group UK, having joined Ogilvy as a Graduate Trainee in 1988.  Rory is a visiting professor of Warwick University and was awarded an honorary doctorate (D. Litt) by Brunel University.  He is also the Technology Correspondent of the Spectator, the world’s oldest English language magazine.

  • Prof Jose Chambers MBE

    Jose is Development Fellow of the Comino Foundation and Chair of The Ideas Trust.  She was previously Assistant Vice Chancellor of the University of Winchester.

  • Jonathan Akwue

    As well as being Chair of the Board for the Ideas Foundation Trustees and Chief Executive at Lost Boys, Jon is also Director & Trustee Black Cultural Archive and the Founder of the Great British Diversity Experiment.

  • Jenny Wilkins

    Jenny is the Principal of Skinners Academy and Director & Trustee of Manor House Development Trust, a social enterprise regeneration the Woodberry Downs Estate and North Hackney.

  • Robin Wight CVO

    Robin founded the Ideas Foundation in 2003 and has been a hugely active Board Member. He is also President of Engine. 

  • Demi Oriola

    Demi is a univeristy student and a Scholar's Council Member.


My Week At BBH

Honestly speaking, I had the BEST week at BBH. It was so amazing. Upon arriving on the first day, I was quite nervous and extremely on edge because I didn’t know what to expect from an advertising

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International Women’s Day at Karmarama

“Only three percent of creative directors in the industry are female” a lady called Imogen who is a Creative Director at Karmarama said. Those words remained with me for the rest of the day.

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Work Experience at BBH

I was fortunate enough to get a week’s work experience at BBH, right in the heart of London, to learn and work within a creative agency.

At the start of the week, I was introduced to other young

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Creative Job Studio

I’ve been an apprentice at the Ideas Foundation for almost a year now and I’ve been exposed to so much and have gained a lot during my time here. I’ve realised as a young person, going to

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Advertising Unlocked at M&C Saatchi

Recently I was lucky to be offered a place at ‘Advertising Unlocked’ with M&C Saatchi. I’ve visited a number of agencies since being part of Ideas Foundation now and feel that I have gained

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Advertising Unlocked at Lucky Generals

On Friday the 7th of October, I headed down to Lucky Generals to learn more about the advertising industry as part of the IPA’s Advertising Unlocked. They had recently moved in to a bigger office

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A day behind the scenes at Ogilvy & Mather UK

Last Friday I spent a fantastic day at Ogilvy & Mather’s offices on the Southbank as part of the IPA’s Advertising Unlocked. I had heard about the scheme through my cousin just a few days before

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#AdUnlocked- Leo Burnett opens their doors to UWL students for a day

First and second year Advertising and PR students spent the day with leading ad agency Leo Burnett, as part of the Advertising Unlocked industry initiative organised by The Institute of Practitioners

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5 Reasons on why you should attend Creative Media Camp

This Summer I went to the Creative Media Camp at the Custard Factory in Birmingham. I’m interested in a career in the creative industry and wanted to learn more about it and most importantly, have

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5 Reasons Why You Should Do Work Experience

On August 21st I was given the opportunity to join one of my favourite advertising agencies, The Gate, for a weeks work experience. To my surprise, I was asked to stay on longer, and have now been

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Five things I learned from my summer CMC

Since joining the Ladder, I’ve had loads of amazing opportunities. I’ve done a number of short workshops, with other people I know from school and from The Ladder, but have never had the

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5 Things I Learnt at the D&AD festival

1. Talk to people. Talking to people was one of the best parts of the day for me, theres no judging a book by their cover in the creative industry. I ended up speaking to some very important and

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Summer is coming so CMC season is here! This year we’ve pulled out all the stops again to bring you FOUR CMC’s! We’ve also got the ever popular Summer School coming up in Manchester!


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My Week at QA

On the 22nd of May, I headed off to the QA training centre to start my week long course into Digital Marketing, right beside the Tower of London with a brilliant view of Tower Bridge!

The first

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5 Things I Learned From D&AD

1) Everyone is creative! We were all creative at least once in our life. - I was inspired by the first talk I went to with Mr Bingo. He said that everyone has the potential to be creative but when we

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D&AD Festival 2017

A chance for students to experience the world of advertising, gain exposure to speakers - to see, feel and taste this creative world.

There ain’t nothing like the real thing and this is

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The Rise Of The Digital Nomad

On the 27th of April I went down to the D&AD Festival on Brick Lane to see some of the best work being showcased of 2016/17 and attend interesting talks. I went to a talk with the co-founders of

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Three Favourite Pieces Of Advertising

Yesterday, I attended the D&AD festival and, being in my first year at university of studying Advertising…this was a big deal! Half of the day was spent wondering around the endless amounts of

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5 Best Things About D&AD Festival

My experience at D&AD was something I never thought I would be able to do in my first year of university. There were so many amazing things about the day that it was hard to pick just 5, but here

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Box Plus Network

On the 30th and 31st of March, we held two The Box Plus Network briefs in a day, at Lambeth Academy and Oldham College. The students were tasked with the ‘Join the Network’ brief. It’s a UK

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Royal Creative Showcase

On the 23rd of March, Graphic design students from Oaklands College presented their work on a clever recycling brief from National Grid to HRH Prince Charles today. They started the day off with a

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Festival of British Advertising

Last week it was the 100-year anniversary for British advertising. To celebrate, the IPA put an event at the Truman Brewery showcasing some of the best ad campaigns reflecting on the past and the

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DigitasLBi Advertising Induction

We were lucky enough to spend the day at DigitasLBi, a world-famous advertising agency, for a fun, educational look into the world of advertising. The day allowed young people from all backgrounds to

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Karmarama Work Experience- Rachel Bateman

It was an amazing week at Karmarama. I was with 5 other 17-19 year olds who were all friendly, worked hard and also aspired to work in advertising. We completed a different brief everyday in a

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Creative Media Camp - back again!


After our whirlwind UK tour of 5 CMC’s over the Summer, we thought we may as well throw one in over October half term to finish things off in style. Hands up

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Teacher CPD! Creativity Pays: Building Skills and Careers in the Design and Advertising industries

Free Professional Development Day for Teachers and Careers & Enterprise Advisers with an interest in the creative industries.

D&AD and Ideas Foundation invite you to see first hand how Creativity

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Karmarama Workshop Experience

Lucky Ladder student, Kate Day, was chosen to spend a week at the super cool Karmarama offices for their annual workshop week. Here’s how she got on…

I was really excited about having the

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Jewel’s Work Experience at CHI & Partners

One of our Ladder students, Jewel, was lucky to spend a week interning at CHI & partners. She told us about her week of exploration, embarrassment, experience, exhaustion and so many adverts!

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This summer we’re excited to be branching out across the nation!

We are running 4 separate Summer Camps, each with a different brief in a different location!

During the week you will be

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Ladder Induction Day at DigitasLBi by Jasmine Kinsella

I took part in a ladder induction day on Tuesday 16th of February. I had an amazing day at DigitasLBi agency where I met new people who are also part The Ladder, and found out about what I will gain

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Branding workshop with Evening Standard and D&AD by Jasmine Kinsella

I visited London on the 16th of January 2016 with my friend Nadia, after taking part in the Ideas Foundation Creative Minds competition in year 9. It was the first

workshop that we have been to as

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World Skills UK: the winner Aqua blogs for us

This year, the Ideas Foundation and Ogilvy & Mather partnered with London’s Carshalton College to put on a national Graphic Design competition at World Skills UK. Here’s a guest blog from the

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Creative inspiration for St Ambrose Barlow RC

Guest blogger Dave Beresford, senior PR account manager, Marketecture, kindly spoke at our careers event in November 2015.

We’ve all come across brand names and job titles that amount to little

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Creative Media Camp with IBM and Ogilvy

During October half term a group of students were tasked by IBM with the challenge of appealing to the next generation of business leaders to bring to life IBM’s use of technology at Wimbledon.


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Space for Creativity

Has anyone else noticed that space has become quite cool recently? The Martian is smashing up the box office, loads of adverts are referencing space and Topshop is selling NASA t-shirts. At a recent

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The Lab is BACK!

Last year, we were really excited to get involved in a recruitment drive with a difference. Publicis Healthcare Communications runs The Lab: A Place for Bright Sparks which offers anyone over the age

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Creative Media Camp 2015: Applications are open!

We’re very excited. It’s that time of year again.

As exams finish and coursework is handed in, we’re gearing up for not one, not two but three Creative Media Camps this summer. For those

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The project that created us by students of Spire Hub at Ark Elvin Academy

​We recently had the pleasure of working on the TalkTalk I Am Creative project with Spire Hub at Ark Elvin Academy. Here’s what the students made of the experience:

The main thing that every

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A Taste of What’s To Come by Sophie McNulty

Thanks to the Royal Mail, who are sponsoring the ‘Direct Mail’ award, kindly donating their table at the D&AD Professional Awards, a group of students from our Scholars Council, along with our

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Creative butterfly- Life as a Scholar for the IF

If I’ve learnt anything from the past year, it’s to say ‘yes’, stay busy and the opportunities will find you. I’ve been fortunate enough to be a part of the Ideas Foundation on the Scholars

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Work Experience at Code ComputerLove, by Sam Davies

Day 1. I was introduced to HTML and CSS for the first time. I completed a few courses on Code Academy which helped, but it was learning the harder components from Dan, an apprentice, which made it a

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A Trip to Parliament by Erisa Velaj, Abraham Moss School

Once we all set our eyes on this spectacular building, we stared in awe… not only was the building breath-taking but also the history behind it, a story behind each and every room or every painting

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Bringing digital technology into the classroom

Digital technology is leaping ahead at a rate that even industry professionals find hard to keep up with. At the same time, schools seem to be more risk-averse, meaning innovative and exciting

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The first step on the Ladder

We were delighted to host 30 bright and bubbling young creatives to attend a Ladder Induction Day at BBH over half term. The attendees comprised of winners of the past year’s ‘I Am Creative

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Promoting Future Technology with IBM

It’s been yet another brilliant month for I Am Creative. This month Ogilvy played host to 30 students for the IBM final. Way back in April, IBM had set the challenge for students up and down the UK

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A Sound kind of love!

At the Ideas Foundation, we are very lucky to have such brilliant friends, who support the work we do to help young people. Put simply: we couldn’t do it without them. From agency mentors who

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We’re pretty excited!

You know us, we like to innovate, push the envelope, blue-sky think and all the rest of those clichés. So, although we already get to work with hundreds of great schools across the country, the

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One of our favourite weeks of the year

Creative Media Camp (CMC) is our annual summer programme, which offers 35 amazing young people hands-on experience and the chance learn about the creative industries. Selected students form their own

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Ideas Foundation and McCann Summer School

It’s not that often that you need to pack your sunglasses and swimming costume for school, but that’s exactly what students did when they attended the Ideas Foundation Summer School at the McCann

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A Day of Firsts

Exciting times here in the Northwest and the many of firsts, on Monday the 23rd June we hosted our first Ladder progression day welcoming nearly thirty students from all over the UK. It also saw us

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Communicate, Collaborate, Create

To celebrate 3 years of doing just this, our Incubate schools partnership, hosted a fascinating education conference for 90+ delegates at partner school St Ambrose Barlow National Teaching School.

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We are so excited to be working with our great friends, Ogilvy Lab, and their Rough Diamond team on an inspiring first event for a new occasional series aimed at teachers.

If there is one thing we

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My Time at CHI&Partners & Visual Voice Global

As a result of winning one of the Ideas Foundation competition briefs, I was able to get a week of work experience at CHI & Partners – the agency that hosted the competition.

All the work

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Kavita in Clubhouse Magazine!

Our Business and Enterprise Manager, Kavita Singh, was featured in the Marketing Society’s most recent issue of Clubhouse magazine. The interview was part of a campaign to highlight charities

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The Ideas Foundation are recruiting for a Relationships & Communications Manager! After 10 years and many successful projects, the Ideas Foundation is employing someone to focus upon establishing,

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Wordpress Founder working with us!

Wordpress Founder delivers Ideas Foundation Teacher CPD

Education is buzzing with Michael Gove’s Year of Code initiative which aims to create a new generation of savvy young techies with the 21

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Creative SPACE

Ideas Foundation Incubate students in Manchester and Salford took lessons to infinity and a bit beyond on a recent creative programme based on themes of Space.

Day 1 saw pupils from The Derby

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Helping our young creatives to move onto careers in the creative industries means we work with them on developing a professional attitude and work ready communication skills as

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My Ideas Foundation Story: Dushane Morris

My name is Dushane and this is my Ideas Foundation story:

I attended Christ The King Aquinas Sixth Form College, majoring in an extended diploma in Media.

Within the final year of the course,

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Marketing Society: ‘You Won’t be Disappointed!’

On 21 November 400 Marketing Society members and guests gathered at the Royal Opera House to discover, learn, debate, spread best practice and share ideas about how creative marketing delivers

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The New Annual Report!

It’s that time of year again! Summer holidays always fly by, at which point it is time to write the Ideas Foundation’s Annual Report. Doesn’t sound like the most inspiring job, but it was

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Liam Roughley gets place at McCanns!

We are bursting with pride here at the Ideas Foundation at the amazing news that Liam Roughley, one of our first ever Northern Creativity Scholars, has landed a prestigious and highly sought place at

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Engine Hosts Inspring Ladder Progression Day

The Ladder is the Ideas Foundation’s progression group for students we have identified as creatively gifted through one of our schools projects. October 2013 saw 25 students from around the UK come

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Dog Days at Summer School

16 of our brightest and best Ladder students agreed that working in advertising was certainly no dog’s life after attending the fourth Ideas Foundation North West Summer School at BJL in Manchester

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